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Awesome text-based game with surrounding effects to the environment. I personally don't enjoy text-based games, but this game was uniquely immersive. A few jumpscares surely had my heart skipping! Very nice story, although a bit vague, leaving a little room for interpretation. Only disappointed in how short it was. 4/5 stars ****

*Rawr* Hello everyone, I have not played a text-adventure game for a LONNNNG time, it definitely did remind me of the days that I had played on the Amiga computer, those were the days. Although, old-fashion text-adventure games were anal-retentive in the demands and lack of wording-diversity, unlike many do today that are made xD. I was able to remember the thinking strategy needed and get through it. Was very immersive, I like the idea of a changing-environment to represent a mood and the changes.

It was a very short text based game. It was worth the 30 minutes of game play (mostly figuring out which words to type exactly) but it was fun.

I loved this game so much! I can't wait to see what other stories you guys release - I'm absolutely hooked!

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Commodore 64 meets horror, i think this might been one of my childhood nightmares. Me a blank screen and words.

Linux version pls


Very clever and highly enjoyable - beautifully written and you created a lovely atmosphere that turned dead quickly. I like you using a text-based game approach as you made this so original. Thank you and please update is with more info 💐

Any chance of a Linux version? :D

I'm port this game and others ))

Not my "style" of game... The whole text-based thing was very aggravating for me (mainly due to the fact that I'm an idiot)... But regardless! It was VERY creepy, and had some amazing scares. It was not at all what I was expecting, (and I think that might be a good thing). :)

Very impressed to know it was thrown together in only 3 days (it would have taken me 3 days to figure out the secret password "USE KEY" lmao). Great job! I look forward to seeing more games made by you guys in the future!

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You're not an idiot, I spent twenty minutes trying to get into my bedroom. Opened the door about 10 times and heard the same sound of the door opening. Couldn't close the door for some reason. Finally found that I had to go into THE bedroom, not my bedroom or just bedroom. Was so pissed at the game for fucking up at what seemed like the climax that I though about just going back outside and turning the generator (thats generaTOR by the fucking way, great segue into the game!) off so that I could see if the lamp would turn off so I could complain if that didn't happen. Meanwhile the game is just bragging to me about how it changed the photos.

I am truly sorry to give so much anger and vitriole to people who worked hard on this, but when I get "sorry I don't understand" for the amount of time I put up with it - and I shouldn't have put up with it, I'm getting to that - I have to tell the person who wrote that statement, sorry, I DIDN'T understand YOU when you said that the yard went around the house, and that the yard was some kind of separate thing that I have to GO TO the yard before I can go around the house.


The story reached its peak when it restarted and I was back in the car again. Loved the contrast from when the house was a happy place (although it did kind of seem excessive and almost funny how bad the house turned). But from there it just made less and less sen THE NIGHT IS EVIL AND GRABBED ME AHHHH DEATH YOU ARE DEATH AND I AM DEATH AND AAAHHHH MY WHOLE FAMILY IS DEA D AND I AM A DISGUSTING TORN APART CARCASS AAAHHHHHHH

EDIT: I just realized the story made more sense than I originally thought.

This game scared the beegeezes out of me. Well done

Saw this on my rerecorded games to play and had a lot of fun playing this scary type game! The noises in the games also were very spot on which I appreciate a lot and how the scenery changes slightly to what you type in the game was also super cool but scary to see. I got stuck a few times in a few places on what to type out but figured it out and really do hope that if you guys do continue to make a game or from this game then I am very eager to see more of it!

I also did a LP of the game and hope you like it~!

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Good lord this game was insanely freaky to play at night. Devs, you did an AMAZING job at really capturing the atmosphere and making it the right amount of horror without needing jumpscares. I seriously can't wait for some more work from you guys!

My playthrough: The House Abandon

Awesome game! Just did a let's play of this on my channel!

Please release Linux version too.

This game was awesome. Great story, incredibly atmospheric, and actually spooked me quite a bit at some points :P Can't believe a text based adventure could be so immersive!

My first experience with text-based games before. Colour me impressed. Which leads me to the inevitable question.
As a newbie, how would one go about developing a game like this? I totally loved The House Abandon, and until then, hadn't ever thought about creating a game before. Now I'd like to try, and I want my first shot to be in a similar suite to this.


Well first you can check out this is a website for all things interactive fiction which is another term that covers text-based games.

Then decide on what type of games you want to make, choose your own adventure games? Check out and Twine is honestly one of the EASIEST to use and doesn't lose out on functionality while Choice Of Games gives a simple way to monetize your games.

For full on text adventures, in my personal opinion Inform 7 and TADS are the way to go. TADS will take some learning though and so I recommend Inform it uses an English based language that then converts to code. If you want a GUI though there is ADRIFT and QUEST, I like ADRIFT more but with both of these making games is easy but if you want to accomplish more complex tasks you'll have to learn their built in language first.

But the forum is basically the way to go to get into the community.

This game was amazing. I've never played a text-based game, let alone a horror game, before so this was a cool experience. It did leave me a little confused, but most games do anyway cause I'm dumb. I loved the story and the atmosphere was terrifying. This was a different type of horror than the ones I'm used to, and it is a much appreciated change!

I quite liked this! It was a breathe of stale, old school-styled air that I quite loved playing through :D

I hope you make more games, and I hope they become deeper. The story in this one left a little to be desired for me. Maybe I missed some secrets? Do we ever find out what I/they even did to their family? If we did, I missed it :( My favorite part was the old-school style game in the modern 3d environment and the two worlds crossed (like the door light!).

Check out my Lumps Play! Lumps Plays are not your normal Let's Play!


i signed up just so i can say how awesome this is!! i was suppose to watch a play through but half way through the beginning i stopped and searched the game and downloaded it. Going to play with my friends! i played a bit...and loving it!! hope to see more of this, kudos to you lovely people! :)

Fantastic game, great soundtrack just feels amazing to play. I was a massive fan of Isolation's design and i'm really excited to see what you guys get up to next.

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Nailed it. The atmosphere was perfect and it was hitting all the right nostalgic notes. Very solid game and definitely worth playing.

I can't get over how immersive this game was! It was brilliant! Great job, guys!

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Hey guys! Loved the game! I also made a blind youtube playthrough video like everyone else here :) I got super excited when I saw that we'd be seeing more from you, so can't wait!

Brings back memories of my childhood! <3

Awesome game, guys! Loved the meta twist, tension buildup and soundtrack! Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to seeing more titles like this from you.

I've also made a review of the game. You can find it here, hope it will help spread the word about it.

Absolutely phenomenal game! I loved how spooky it was, the soundtrack was ace, and the semi-solipsistic exploration was delightful. Looking forward to seeing what else NoCode comes out with! (Played on Mac.)

This was SOOO GOOD!!
Loved it!! Really nice concept and it really gave me the chills! :D
Thank you so much for making this amazing game! :)

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Wow, I thoroughly enjoyed this game! As a kid who loved text adventures, this caught my attention right away! You managed to give me warm fuzzy feels of nostalgia and cold spine-chilling feels at the same time. Just... how!?

I can't wait to see what else you guys come up with. I created a short Let's Play of it for my channel if that is alright. Keep up the great work guys, I want more! :D

This was a fantastic game! The first one I have played on and I'm glad I did! Thank you so much for making it and letting us play it for free, I can't wait to see more from you.

I really, really, really loved this game!

Now tell me, did the son murder the parents? I had this idea while being close to the end.

Had such an incredible time playing through this game. Thank you so much for sharing your creativity to deliver a unique horror game that managed to get under my skin even while staying static and reading through a computer. Made a complete playthrough video of it on my channel.

Thanks again! Can't wait to see what other games you have up your sleeves.

Just uploaded my full play through, really enjoyed the game, took me a bit by surprise how amazing it was! Bravo!! The House Abandon

Amazing, made me feel as if i was there. The best parts were the 2nd half interactions :3 Keep up the good work

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thanks! loved the playthrough :D can't get enough of these!

This game really intrigues me but it is 64 bit only?

32 bit will be up in the next 20 mins :) Sorry about that!

Great! Many thanks.

give that a try :) let me know if it works for you!

just tried it, it works.


Hey guys, glad to see the new update but I'm getting an error unzipping the PC version. Specifically with this file:


Error 0x80004005: Unspecified Error

Windows 10

Apologies, we've had some reports of this happening but not all the time. New file being uploaded in a few mins

A new build is up now, let me know if you have any more problems :)

Really enjoyed this game! To say it was a text adventure it genuinely gave me goosebumps. Good job!

Just watching just now - so good! Thanks for playing and recording, it's so fun for us to watch :D

Thank you for making it! Hope I did the game justice.

It was great, I watched it again tonight with the mrs. :) Smiles all round

That's awesome to hear! Also nice to the see the game doing well!

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Awesome game with a great atmosphere! Found it quite tricky to figure out what commands to use at certain points, but other than that it was fantastic! Made a walkthrough for anyone that's stuck:


Glad you enjoyed it! :)

Thanks for making a walkthrough video - you're the first! It's also really useful for us to see the different way people input commands. A patch is coming out later today that solves a lot of those issues.


No problem! FYI the vid was edited to cut out most of the bad commands attempted. Don't want to post any specific spoilers but was stuck on the final room for over half an hour! Other than that I loved it though. It's an awesome concept and VERY creepy. :)

Yeah there were a few too many. It's maybe worth giving this new version a try, and explore more - there was lots and lots you missed and we've added a few more touches that are cool :)

Awesome, will check the new build out! :)

Great atmosphere, but the parser is VERY hard work!


it is indeed! We're working on an update as we speak that is a _lot_ more forgiving. The 72 hour limit had its impact but we're free now to make it better! Thanks for putting up with it! :)

I am so excited to play through this! Like the description said though, I am having trouble reading some bits. The words will cut off of some descriptions and its very difficult to continue. I've tried every possible resolution, where the lower res I go it will add a single letter to the end word and nothing more. I'm just hoping this is resolved soon, as I'm totally pumped to play through this!

We're building a new version as we speak, and hope to have it available in the next hour or so. On lower spec machines the sentences would be truncated, but we've fixed that so even when getting a low frame rate it'll still be playable :) Almost there, sorry for the wait!

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