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'The House Abandon' has been remastered and released as part of the critically acclaimed short story anthology 'Stories Untold' . This new version, Episode 1, is now available on Steam as a free demo, and will return here soon too.

In the meantime, head over to steam to see the full game and download the full free episode!

Thank you everyone who downloaded, streamed, let's played and enjoyed The House Abandon - you helped us make 3 more bizarre adventures! Enjoy!


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Link of the demo please? 

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Definitely got me a few times. I love how they took something so simple as a text-based game and made it so much more immersive.

Best said this way: "I'm not a cusser, but this scared the $*^! out of me!!! :D

After playing this demo I am definitely picking up the full game.

Finally got to play the demo with my friend, considering buying the whole game. Amazing work!

Awesome game Somethings Lurking Outside..

Awesome game Somethings Lurking Outside..

Awesome game Somethings Lurking Outside..

Awesome game Somethings Lurking Outside..

Loved this game a lot and cant wait to play the other stories!

I loved the entire experience! Definitely something different compared to your average jumpscare horror game. Jumping into Stories Untold next :)


Really loved the whole creepy atmosphere and the text style gameplay!It was something unique & beautiful!An amazing - must play - little gem!Thanks :)

Cool game had a great time playing creepy as hell for a text game.


how to get out of the kitchen ? or the living room ???????? plzzzzzz XD


"go outside" worked for me

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thx i tried go to hallway it worked i'll try that next time


enter hallway

it worked thx ^_^

Anyone know if the Utility Room is just a red herring? Or is the key actually somewhere to find? That's been bugging me for months and with the recent release of "Stories Untold" I'm left curious once again.

Fairly sure its just a red herring, ive tried looking in all possible places for the key but it doesn't seem to exist.

I've since played through "Stories Untold" which is a collection of 4 that starts with The House Abandon, and it has some significance in a later chapter in the set of 4. Doesn't have anything that can be done in The House Abandon itself though. =P

Wow, simply, wow. I`m truly impressed with your work guys.

At first, I didn't like how the game played, and I almost drop the game, but thanks god that I didn't, because, god, what a truly terrifying experience I had. You guys have modernized the edventure text genre, and I couldn't be happier that you even got a steam release.

I give it a 4/5 stars because, while it's innovative, ingenious, scary, and has a great atmosphere. I need to say that I could never get use to the commandos that we were given, I felt like they were really limited and just 1 or 2 specific words could work.

But nonetheless, I had a fantastic experience with you game and I will buy your game on Steam. I expect to see more of you, you are awesome.

Awesome game, made me jump a few times!

This game was fascinating and a great experience to play! Highly recommended!

Amazing concept with amazing execution and atmosphere. The House Abandon is easily the best indie horror game I've played in years. A+

Is the Mac version no longer available?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8QgaX8Fftoo Played this a while ago. Great game!


Any chance this could ported to macOS?

how do i download the game?

I cant donwload

This concept is genius, there should really be more games of this type made, or at least in the same vein of innovation. It's a dynamic text adventure pouring with style. It bleeds tension. I really can't say enough about this game, it's probably my favourite horror game in years, due to it's aesthetic design, it's expert attention to atmosphere and eeriness, and it's ability to put a dynamic twist on a classic style that I already loved.

It's a shame it's short, but it works. I would love a series of these in different genres, with text adventures that affect your surroundings, and having to use the changing environment to solve more difficult, intricate puzzles in the text. But even it's length and pacing feel intended and fitting. it's all so perfectly designed, the creators really know how to connect with your sensibilities and take advantage of that through design, detail and genuinely understanding how fear works - and that's what so many horror games fail to do nowadays. It's simply marvellous.

Fantastic job doing something new with an old genre. The creep factor definitely got to me and the length feels perfect for getting players to experience the end even when text adventure games can be tricky for people who are not used to them.

Man this was a cool game. I've always loved the idea of text adventure games but never knew where to find them. All the meta things, especially the door, REALLY got me.

There were some frustrating things, like the fact that in some instances you had to use 'the' to make a command work, while at other times you had to omit 'the'. But overall, it was super cool.

Tried to record a video of this game, but I can't even go around back to get to the generator. So I'm stuck at the beginning of the game, and not a single command I typed would work for me.

But I never expected it to be a typing game, so it's not really my kind of game anyway.

Absoutley terrific game. Super impressed. I'm hoping you guys take this and run.

Fantastic concept, really enjoyed playing this!

Hey there,

The concept of the game is quite nice as it works as an oldish adventure game and yet thanks to few animations and changes in the environment it feels much creepier ;) Atmosphere is everything in the game and is only tool of the creator to work on our imagination , and he does it well ! In one point I was watching behind my chair worried for my life or sanity. Thank you for creating this little title !

Even though It took me a while to get through the game I created a little reaction video for anyone interested. Enjoy !

A great game overall. I'm still amazed that it's just created for 3 days, wow. It is obvious that the developers have experience in creating horror games. The sound is so "crisp", the environment jumpscares got me most, then the twist at the end, legit creeped me out. Can't wait for more games :D. Also you can check out my playthrough, if you want :D

It was definitely a lot creepier than I thought it would be. O.O

I hope one day I can make a game as atmospherix as this. :D



Aside from some technical issues with the text-game itself, this game was amazing. The sound effects and music were spot on, and the environmental changes as the game progressed were inspired. I don't think I've played a game yet that felt as sinister as this one did during the second half.


Rough edges: Pretty frustrating if you've actually played a lot of 1980s IF. There is no 'inventory' or abbreviation allowed. You need to get used to the extremely specific parser. There are typos where there aren't supposed to be. The distortion on the TV is a little too much.

Otherwise really nice.


Great game, but how do you quit from it? I tried 'end game', 'finish game', 'quit', 'quit game'. Escape doesn't work.

In the end I had to hit the Windows key, then right click the game in my taskbar and close, but I'm sure that's not the method.

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